Thursday, January 11, 2007

VP External Portfolio


  • Lobbying, but with an external (read: government) focus.
  • Working with the AMS policy advisor and President to produce lobbying tactics and strategies when meeting with government officials.
    • Includes budget submissions, meetings, and lobbying day in Victoria
  • Liaising with Translink around issues relating to the U-Pass
  • Working with CASA, the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations. They work with a number of Universities to engage the federal government on student issues.
  • Working with External Commission, a group of hired students, to achieve the above.
The issues include:
  • Student debt load. HOw much debt are students taking on to graduate?
  • Tuition. How should it be spent?
  • How to work with other student societies, that belong to other lobbying groups like the Canadian Federation of Students?