Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bettor? Barely knew her!

So, in honour of legal gambling everywhere, I'm proud to offer the following proposition wagers on the AMS elections. Note: these are for entertainment purposes only. And if you use them for any gambling purposes whatsoever, please report yourself to the nearest authorities. Immediately. As well, Elections Insider makes no warranties for any wagers, nor are we a bookkeeper in any way, shape, or form.

Friedrich 5 to 4
Maxwell 70 to 1

VP Academic:
Goodmurphy 2 to 1
Fan Fan 25 to 1
Krayenhoff 7 to 1

VP Finance:
Tyson 9 to 5
Rizov 11 to 5

VP External:
Naylor 4 to 1
Kozwarski 9 to 2
Brush 50 to 1
Masterson 11 to 2

VP Admin:
Naiman 9 to 4
To 7 to 4
Barbarian 50 to 1

Over/Under on number of votes cast for President: 4200
Odds that Darren Peets gets more votes than as hydrant: 3 to 2
Over/Under on time the elections results are announced: 9:45pm
Over/Under on number of beers Tim drinks: 7.5
Over/Under number of appeals: 0.5

Add your own wagers!! Test our ESP!!