Thursday, January 25, 2007

The platforms: VP Finance

(To learn more about the VP Finance position, and see a job description, click here for our information and interviews, and click here for the official AMS information.)

Peter Rizov
Brittany Tyson

Let's begin by comparing some promises:
Peter Rizov: Trim the red tape within the AMS
Brittany Tyson: Reduce the extensive bureaucracy faced by club and constituency treasurers. (It should be noted that Britany has some good concrete ideas for doing so, including doing much of the work online, and creating a central website with the VP Admin.)

Ensure that the AMS is ready for competition from the University Town
Brittany: Develop a competitive, sustainable framework for our businesses to guide and protect them through the developments of the next several years.

Peter: Increase funding and funding control and ease of access to clubs and give students direct enjoyment of the AMS.
Brittany: Let me increase the amount of funding available to students through AMS funds, making them more accessible.

Upon closer examination.... they're the same. Imagine that. So which candidate is more likely to succeed? Brittany says it's her, because of her experience in the AMS and its Financial Commission, while Peter says it's him because of fresh ideas and his Commerce education. Which do you trust?

Looking for differences? Check behind the cut.

There are some differences, too.
Peter places importance on transparency and accountability, though provides no measures. Brittany's platform has no such emphasis. He also amorphously promises a standard to measure service performance, to trigger improvement and growth. His concrete idea is a book swap. We're not sure how it would work. The AMS used to run one as a business, but it was shut down due to non-use. Perhaps a better way to do it would be to work with the undergrad societies to facilitate faculty-specific ones, and us the SUB as a central hub, with different rooms for different faculties/programs. Finally, Peter promises initiatives to "induce the AMS executives to have more personal contact with students on a daily basis." Good idea, though he gives us no idea what those would be.

Brittany argues for renovations of the SUB, for two major purposes. The first is sustainability, to ensure sustainable waste disposal with more recycling facilities. The second is to reduce wait times, like Pie R Squared, to renovate and reduce wait times. This is a plan of the current VP Finance, and has been on the agenda. Nevertheless, it's a good idea and an important priority.
Brittany also proposes an "AMS Card" or "AMS Dollars" to use at AMS businesses. In addition to making things cheaper for students, it could also increase use as well as awareness. In its rudimentary form, it's an easily implementable idea with tremendous potential. Finally, we like her idea of creating an AMS Service to help students with their taxes. This currently exists, on a volunteer basis, and outside the AMS. While we don't know where she'll find the money... but that's her job, right?

Both candidates also favor a referendum to link AMS fees to inflation. With any luck, this may be the year we finally see it.