Thursday, January 11, 2007

Upcoming Dates

January 12, 4pm - Nominations Close
January 12, 6pm - All Candidates Meeting. (Drop by SUB Council Chambers to see the largest gathering of wannabe politicians all year. It's an amazing event. Has to be seen to be believed. Don't forget to bring beer. Not that we endorse illegal drinking, or anything.)
January 19, 9am - Campaign Period Begins. (Prepare for posters, classroom announcements, leaflets, web sites, e-mail blasts.... the usual. Anybody have any guesses how many trees die for AMS candidates to get the word out?)
January 23 - Our endorsements will be released.
January 24 - Online voting begins
January 31 - Voting ends; results! (Ain't no party like an election night party. Well, except a real one.)

All info taken from the AMS Elections Web Site. We'll put up a permanent link as soon as we figureo ut how.