Thursday, February 1, 2007

Here they are, the execs of next year

The people have spoken.

I have a really really good feeling about the execs next year. In particular, I think with Sarah Naiman's energy for student life and Brittany Tyson's keen and savvy mind the two can work very well together in working to engage the students.

The "Video screen idea" from Sarah Naiman which has come under scrutiny so much during the course of the election may not be a good one (as it has been proposed to the AMS Business Operations Committee before and was voted down), but it's grounded from the right mind and attitude.

I also think that Jeff Friedrich's continuity will help a lot in directing Brendon's passion for the VP Academic job in an efficient manner.

Matthew Naylor came up to me last night and said "Gina I'm not as crazy as you think I am". With an election year coming up, and the partisanship he openly admits to, I hope he's right. He threw a marvellous campaign, and he deserved to win.

Without further ado, here are some of the less scandalous pictures of the night:

The Gallery was packed

Chris Anderson, the Elections Administrator enjoying the anticipation from the audience

Tariq Ahmed looking smug and content for being re-elected (CONGRATULATIONS it's been a pleasure working with you this year!)

A very drunk Brittany Tyson being hugged by her supporter

Sarah Naiman hugged by Zoe Shipley (her campaign manager) and Mike Duncan (SUS president)

Brendon Goodmurphy very happy to hear that he won

Camp Naylor

Jeff Friedrich and First Lady Nadine Straka

There they are, our representatives of next year...


More wrapping up

So it's the day after. I haven't checked my e-mail, and yet I'm updating this blog. Wow.

I'm particularly happy w/ the results - every candidate for whom I voted ended up winning, which pleases me. And a big huge congrats to Darren Peets, who deserves his BoG seat more than anybody who's held the chair in a good long while. And another to the Radical Beer Tribune, who finished ninth, a handful of votes behind the Duncan-Kearney media group. Boo-urns to that outcome.

As well, after conversations with a gazillion people, I'm convinced that there has to be a way to keep this going. It requires a new URL and site name, to be sure, and will require some new contributors, but I'll work a bit to get things up and running the next couple months. And don't expect twice-daily posts. Just not happening.

So I ask for your patience. This weekend is very busy and my computer is broken, so it's gonna take a few days to swing it together. But hell, I'm still updating it, and we're still getting readers, so why the hell not?

And I love you too, Antoine!

Gina's Bit: I agree that we should provide an interactive interface for students wanting to engage on issues that are UBC/AMS specific. Using this (EI) experiment as a basic platform could be a starting point. The key is allowing comments and not throwing around jargon (CPAC, UILO, CCP) that's only comprehensible to people who work in the system. I think it should be part of a larger PR-revamp of the AMS. The AMS website could be a lot more accessible. There could be a subsection which has commentators on what the AMS is doing - in a blog style.