Thursday, January 11, 2007

VP Admin Portfolio

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Overseeing the maintenance, renovation of the SUB. If there's something wrong with the building, or any other issues relating to AMS buildings, that's it.
  • Chairing the Impacts committee, which handles sustainability
  • Planning the Student Leadership Conference
  • Oversee SAC - Student Administrative Commission. SAC is responsible for:
    • Communicating with clubs, and organizing their activities
    • Regulating clubs, and organizing clubs days
    • Liaising with bookings of SUB space
The typical contentious issues include:
  • Controversial bookings/use of space. For instance, the annual "Genocide Awareness Project" or Israel/Palestine forums
  • Access to SUB spaces, and ensuring that students have access to the space
  • Balancing needs in renovating spaces. How to make the Conversation Pit more appealing, for example?
  • Ensuring that clubs don't get too much of a run-around from the AMS, yet ensuring they're accountable and follow the rules.
  • Trying to make sure everybody has a chance to book the SUB.