Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Candidates at a Glance

So............... there's a ton of info on this site. And could take a while to peruse. So we've made this post. It's each candidate in 25 words or less. We've sent out questionnaires, had interviews, and met with almost all the candidates, read all their write-ups... and have distilled each candidate down to a few words. If you're looking for one-stop voter shopping, look no further!

(But make sure you look further.... down the page! Our Issue of the Day post is about the educational experience. That's important... right? So read, comment, and enjoy!)
It's all behind the jump.

Jeff Friedrich - The experienced dude, who wants the AMS to be relevant, to you and for lobbying. Very knowledgeable about the AMS. Prioritizes the educational experience.
Maxwell Maxwell - Started off as joke, but learned lots and developed a strong platform. Feels the AMS isn't relevant to students, wastes money; better parties, less clique-ism will fix it.

VP Academic
Jerry Fan Fan - Favors "student interests over AMS interests" but doesn't really know how they differ. Wants to use WebCT to post UBC information, and prioritize campus security issues.
Brendon Goodmurphy - Thoughtful, insightful, activist who balances a strong ideological vision with practical concerns. Realistic, constructive goals. Priorities are engaging on development and governance issues.
Bruce Krayenhoff - Supports "Citizen's Assembly" idea to engage more students and stimulate democracy. Argues for affordable housing and representative development decisions.

VP Administration
Sarah Naiman - Prioritizes "student life" and "community" and bringing more people into the AMS/SAC. Wants to hear more from students!
Suvina To - Very experienced with SAC, and knows the hurdles that people and clubs face when trying to get involved with AMS.
Wants to hear more from students!

VP External
Chris Brush - Likes the existing U-Pass, argues for cheaper student housing.
Joel Kozwarski - MUN organizer. Wants united provincial lobbying, improved transit service, and more student grants.
Tom Masterson - More interested in student life than VP External portfolio. Argues that his inexperience is his biggest strength, and that he's a quick learner.
Matthew Naylor - Policy wonk. Wants united lobbying, a tuition cap, return to grants, a stronger External commission, and student-friendly BoG reps. A Liberal.

VP Finance
Peter Rizov - The new and fresh ideas guy. Honest. Not gonna lie, steal, or run the AMS into the ground.
Brittany Tyson - The experienced insider.
Sharp-minded. Not gonna lie, steal, or run the AMS into the ground.

Jeff Friedrich - Experienced, knowledgeable. Also running for Pres.
Melody Ma - Dislikes campus drainage, amongst other things.
Cris Marincat - Likes communication, consensus, listening.
Tristan Markle - Dislikes corporatization, extravagant development, undemocratic governance.
Rob McLean - Related to a senator AND a former Arts President. Will represent students.
Darren Peets - Former hydrant. Been to more meetings about development than this list combined. Including Jeff. Knows more, too.
Aidha Shaikh - Passionate about communication with students, tuition/financial funding, and development issues.
Hillson Tse - First-year commercialization-fighter!

Tariq Ahmed - Incumbent, law student. Articulate, professional, well-reasoned.
Jaspreet Khangura- Incumbent, med student. Advocates pass-fail system for electives. Passionate, articulate, professional.
Alfie Lee- Wants to bridge the disconnect between students and the admin. Very eager and keen.
Daniel Lin - Wants to communicate better with students. Absent from debate.
Raymond "Peter" Pan- Wants to change the exam hardship rules, library hours, and communication.
Lawrence Song - Wants to increase effectiveness by tightening curriculum and working with profs.
Hillson Tse- First-year apathy-fighter!