Saturday, January 13, 2007


A few candidates did not show up to the All Candidates Meeting and according to the election rules, may be disqualified. The Elections Committee will be voting on this soon. These include, among others, incumbent Senator Jaspreet Khangura, and several of the BoG candidates.

There was also an abnormally high number of nomination forms which were allegedly handed in but have not been documented by the Elections Office both in Brock Hall (for BoG and Senate) and for the AMS Executive race. As per below, these include incumbent Senator Tariq Ahmed, AMS Councillor Tristan Markle, and VPX Candidate Thomas Masterson.

We'll keep you updated on the situation. More information is below the cut.

For example, incumbent Senator Tariq Ahmed (from the Faculty of Law, and my colleague) told me he had handed in his nomination form to the Student Service Desk at Brock hall three days before the nominations were due. He was present at the All Candidate's Meeting, but the AMS Elections Office hadn't received anything from Brock Hall and thus he was not listed as a candidate for this race. The same situation goes for Tristan Markle, who is running for the Board of Governors.

I really hope it's a case of some staff in Brock Hall having forgotten the time-sensitive manner of these things and delayed the submission of these forms to the appropriate Governance Officer (Christopher Eaton), who then notifies the AMS election office (yes lots of bureaucracy).

But then there is the case of other candidates who did go to the AMS office directly. Thomas Masterson (running for VP External) is one of them.

We hope this will clear up within the next 24 hours such that we can all focus on the issues, and not the paperwork. We do realize, however, that reasonable people don't return to work until Monday, so we'll give them that much. Yeah, we know. We're not reasonable. Ha ha.