Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Ubyssey is kicking ass

Some of you may remember Gina's issues with the Ubyssey - UBC's official student newspaper. They've misquoted, butchered grammar, gotten names wrong, ignored major news stories, inflated readership numbers, published cringeable writing, and been at the AMS's throat in the past.

But I just want to say, that this September, the Ubyssey has been kicking ass. It's bigger and fuller than last year. The design and, especially photography, have been fantastic. The news has been timely. There were thorough updates on campus events and politics that took place over the summer months. The feedback has been fun. The background on news items has been accurate. The relationship with AMS seems to be functioning better.

OK, so the editorials are still a bit tasteless, each issue contains more sports than I'd read in a year, the website is a sodding mess (bring back the old one!!), and the reliance on the where-to-shop/eat/party/travel-on-a-low-budget format is a little heinous, but other than those quibbles, way to go

It seems that the double news editors, Brandon Adams and Boris Korby, are doing good things. AMS president Jeff Friedrich has noted his satisfaction with them in conversation, maybe signaling a more harmonious era between the offices upstairs and downstairs. The dependable Jesse Ferreras pumps out stories on AMS with reliability. Levi Barnet as copy/feedback/research is a welcome relief from the incompetence of Andrew MacRae - you need not fear the butchering of your letters any more!

True, I'm addicted to newsprint in more or less any form. But lets give credit when it's due. And without negating the possibility for plenty of more improvements, I really think it is due.


Monday, September 17, 2007

UBC (AMS) Social Justice Centre executive jailed

Alison Bodine, the Financial Co-ordinator of the riven AMS resource group, the Social Justice Centre, landed in jail this week after trying to caim belongings that had been confiscated from her on re-entering Canada from her native U.S. No charges have been laid, and a hearing that was sceduled for today was cancelled. RCMP has declined comment.


Bodine is a well-recognized figure in certain 'activist' circles, being a leader in a bewildering assortment of badly named radical/lunatic groups, namely MAWO, CAWOPI and more! In a dramatic coup d'etat last spring, Bodine and some others from her group managed to grab a majority of the executive positions in the embattled AMS-funded resource group. Nobody should be jailed for trying to cross the border with pamphlets (no matter how stupid) though.

To free Alison, check out the Committee To Free Alison Bodine (no joke).