Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Survey Results

As you may know, we did a survey of our readership. Stats are below the jump:

Total responses: 43

Percentage planning to vote: 88.2%

Are they AMS types? 27% said yes, while 9% said they pay attention and show up occasionally. 41% said they had a few friends involved, while 24% said they had no involvement/connections whatsoever.

Issues that matter: Fees, U-Pass, Student Life, Educational Quality, Financial Aid, Apathy
Issues that don't matter (relatively): Apathy (right on the border), UBC-O, External Lobbying, Transparency/Accountability, Athletics Fees.

There was almost a three-way split between Yes/No/Maybe on whether AMS fees should be indexed to inflation, with the smallest number saying "No."

77% said the AMS has an important role to play in developing campus life, compared to 9% who said they should stick to helping other groups do so.

When asked what about the AMS was most important to know, it appears everything was important. Maybe it's a poorly-designed survey. Wouldn't be surprised. Highest: Services. Lowest: Minutes, Council, Elections.

2/3 of all respondents rated the AMS between 5-7 when asked to rate it from 1-10 on how well it was meeting its mission statement.

My favorite written answer was the person who wrote that the AMS did nothing to help his/her "personal" life, then, on the next question, wrote that the U-Pass was helpful because it helped her/him see his/her boyfriend.

Respondents enjoyed clubs, social activities, and the U-Pass. And complained about the physical layout of the SUB.