Monday, January 14, 2008

New rail line to UBC annouced today!

Peter over at the Cavalier (click) has this story. In short, the province is funding an expansion of the sky train to UBC by the year 2020 as part of a 14 biollion dollar transit bonanza announced for the province today.

From the press release:

UBC welcomes the provincial government announcement today of a $14 billion province-wide transit investment to include $2.8 billion for the UBC Line in addition to increased bus service

Some transport-related questions:

  • How will the transit station work with the current underground busloop plans? Where will the station be?
  • Given the differing timelines, will buses be enough until 2020?
  • How long will our campus be one massive construction site?
  • Will U-pass fees or transit fares be driven up to fund this project?
  • Where will bus services be reduced when the line is in?
  • Are there safety issues with more public stations?
  • Is the rhetoric of sustainability meaninful? How is the line being engineered and built?