Thursday, January 10, 2008

Candidate Questionnaire: Yian Messoloras

Yian is a VP Admin Candidate.

Why do you want to be the VP Admin of the AMS?
My experience is the driving force behind my decision to run for this position because I feel confident that I possess all the skills and knowledge necessary to manage and supervise the renovations and possible additions that will be made to the SUB in order to GET IT DONE and STOP WASTING MONEY.

What personal skills and experiences could you bring to the portfolio?
Thanks to my background in construction and my experience with project management and design garnered through complete home restorations and many summers working in and later directing construction, I possess the essential elements required to lead the SUB Renew project in the most efficient and responsible manner.

If there was one thing you could change about the AMS what would it be?

If you could change the way SAC functions, how would you do it?
The Chair and executive should be more acountable. [SAC doesn't have an executive, the VP admin chairs SAC -Ed]

What's your vision for a new SUB? How will you get it passed in referendum?
Sustainability and efficient growth without over-stretching the budget or increasing student fees is one of my foremost concerns. We realize how important the environment is and this is finally an opportunity to make a substantial difference - I think most other students see things the same way, they just need to have someone in office that they can finally trust. People often make promises to get elected, but their only interest is in themselves. I actually give a $@!# about what happens and how things are done which I think will help me to see eye to eye with other students and present something that everyone will be ready to agree upon.

There's an AMS sustainability strategy currently in the works. What's your vision for sustainability at the AMS?
My primary objective is that the eventual product of SUB Renew will be a model of sustainability for the rest of the campus while simultaneously remaining an economically efficient hub of student life. More and better varieties of food and service providers as well as a substantially simpler, more accessible, and comprehensive waste and recycling management program will serve as an initial stepping stone to a better and more sustainable SUB.