Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Election Results

The results are in! Over 6500 people voted in this election, which is apparently the highest turnouts in the past several decades. Yay democracy!

The results:

Blake Frederick
-apparently he only won by 46 votes- quite a far cry from last year...

VP Academic
Johannes Rebane

VP Finance
Tom Dvorak

VP External
Tim Chu

VP Administration
Crystal Hon

Board of Governors

Michael Duncan
Bijan Ahmadian

I can't say there are any real surprises (at least, for me), other than Crystal Hon- I've heard good things about her, so congratulations for unseating an incumbent! I feel like this will be a good team for next year- a combination of some fresh blood, experience, and what I feel is a fairly diverse group of students. I'm saddened by Andrew Carne not getting a seat on the BoG, as I feel that he would have made an excellent candidate. But there you have it! Congratulations to next year's executive, and congratulations also to all those who ran in the election- you've contributed something valuable to democracy and to this election. So congrats to all!

Thanks also to the Twitter function on the UBC Spectator page- I wasn't able to be there for the announcement due to my being quite sick right now, so it was greatly appreciated.

[gerald notes: this is terrifying; I just came in to write this post and here it was.]