Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Want to be consulted? It's your fuckin' week.

There's a veritable cornucopia of consultations going on right now. So get your voices and obnoxious views into those final reports, dudes. For serious.

Sub Renew - AMS is starting the consultation process for the prospective expansion and renovation of the SUB. Everything from buying out Pacific Spirit Place (the university-owned and operated cafeteria) to constructing a brand new building in the University Square precinct, to a mere sprucing up of our current digs is on the table. AMS VP Admin Sarah Naiman is heading up the process. The SUB renew committee has been meeting since last spring. They've hired a "space planning" firm for some big bucks to plan the space programming. That means they'll find out what we want and lay out floor plans. Architecture will come later. (If this confuses you, join the club).

Anyhow. Right now there's a focus group consultation phase. Next there will be a round table consultation phase. After that you'll get to vote on which options you like most. (note: will there be a "none of the above" option available?). After that you'll vote in a referendum to approve a fee to fund the preferred SUB renew plan.

Here's the next focus group sessions, organized by constituency:

    • General - Oct. 18 - SUB Council Chambers (room 206)- 5-6
    • REC and Varsity - Oct.19 - SUB Council Chambers (room 206) - 5-6
    • Resource Groups - Oct. 18 - Resource Group Area of the SUB - 12:30-1:30
    • Greeks - Oct. 25 - SUB Council Chambers (room 206) - 5-6
    • Residences TBA
    • Audiology and Speech Sciences, Dentistry, Nursing, Medicine, Occupational
      and Environmental Hygiene, Pharmacy, Rehab Sciences - Oct. 15th - SUB Room 42U (lower level) - 12-1
    • SCARP and Architecture - Oct. 15th - Lasserre rm. 202 - 5:30 - 6:30
    • Commerce - Oct. 16th - SUB 42U (lower level) - 11-12
    • Science - Oct 16th - Ladha Science Student Center, top floor - 12:30-1:30
    • Journalism, Law, LAIS - Oct. 16 - Council Chambers 1-2
    • Education, Forestry, LAFS, Human kinetics, Social Work - Oct. 22nd - SUB
      Council Chambers (room 206) - 3-4
    • Arts and Music - Oct. 23 - SUB 205 (2nd floor) - 12-1
    • Applied Sciences - Oct 24th - SUB Council Chambers (room 206)- 3-4
    • Graduate Students - Oct. 23rd – Penthouse, Graduate Students Center - 5-6

Transit consultation - The AMS is running another consultation about transit issues. That's because, soon the U-pass is up for renewal, and they want to come up with the best deal and know what to lobby for with Translink. Check out the Facebook group "Transit: what's your BEEF" to post feedback.

AMS VP-X Matt Naylor and the External commission are hosting a panel discussion this Friday at the Norm, which should great, with cool panelists. It's from 12:00-1:30 in the Norm theatre in the SUB. Check it out.


NDP Transit Critic Maureen Karagianis
NDP MLA Gregor Robertson (my riding's MLA, and personal crush)
AMS President Jeff Friedrich
UBC TREK Administrator Carole Jolly
NPA Councillor Peter Ladner
U-Boulevard/University Square consultation - The University's Campus and Community Planning office has been conducting some consultations regarding the future of the long-beleaguered U-boulevard neighborhood plan, recently re-christened "university square". You may have noticed a big booth next to the SUB conversation pit last week for four days. Hopefully, you filled out a form and took a look at the options on the table. In case you've been under a rock, the previous above-ground plans were turfed due to student dissatisfaction at last May's BoG meeting, and new land-use options are on the table. The underground tunnel and bus loop are in all likelihood going forward, though the latter still requires the BoG's final approval. According to Student BoG rep Darren Peets, apparently the results of the current consultation for above-ground land-use are not exactly to the liking of some of the university brass. This probably means the responses have preferred less buildings, less density, and more green. Keep your eye out for the final report on that - it should be ready by November's BoG meeting.