Sunday, March 25, 2007

AUS elections

So, apparently the AUS Elections are happening. Apparently there are candidates.
The AUS website has no information about candidates or voting. But we do!

So here's what we know of the elections:
Campaiging March 16-23. Voting takes place at 3 separate polling booths in the SUB and Buchanan Buildings between March 25-30

We're probably the only place you can publicly find the candidates list. Thanks to Patrick Meehan for providing us with what should be readily available public information, which is found behind the jump.

Stephanie Ryan (Incumbent)
AJ (Avneet) Johal (Current VP External)

(Very interesting. A President running for re-election against a member of her own executive. Must be some fun personality dynamics at play. Any Artsies wanna let us know what's up?)

VP Internal
Helaine Boyd
Vicki Lindström

VP External
Tyler Allison
Chris Anderson

(Hmm... two experienced, knowledgeable, veteran candidates. Same race.)

VP Finance
Michelle Yuen

Academic Coordinator
Stash Bylick
Lauren Mills

Social Coordinator
Angela Boscariol
Jeremy McElroy

Student Services
Michael Serebriakov

Ashley Pritchard

AMS Reps (elect 7)
Amy Boultbee
Jessica Hannon
Nathan Crompton
Ryan Corbett??
Andrew Forshner
Jessica Hannon
Sam Heppell
Kate Power
Joel Koczwarski
Patrick Meehan

(Good to see Joel Koz running. Very good.)

Erin Rennie
Daniel Lin
Adela Babarova

General Officer
(Kat McGill
Ranu Saroha
Mike Jerowski
Chris Chapman
Aletha Utley
Samatha Bihis
Sarah Howe
Tom Lamb
Calry Wenner)