Saturday, April 12, 2008

Block Party, in photos.

so my day started with the RBF, who had waterguns and when not hitting each other with them (or getting yelled at for getting too close to the camera) were going to defend the KNO to the Knoll folks during their counterprotest of the Knoll.

blckprty3 (1)
Here's Tyler, RBF President, threatening someone.

blckprty6 (1)
It turns out the protection was necessary: Jasmine was on the scene right quick, hurling insults and accusations and stripping signs from "protesters" and tearing them in half.
blckprty7 (1)
blckprty10 (1)

blckprty12 (1)
The KNO folks took this in stride, and held up their banner while chanting "Peaceful Protest" as Nate tried to calm the situation down, and Jasmine got in a shouting match.

blckprty11 (1)
A sampling of their beliefs.

Controversy over, I wandered a bit and sampled the delights of the carnival:
blckprty5 (1)
A bull rider.

blckprty17 (1)
A little faux-gladiator action.

blckprty30 (1)
Outgoing Ubyssey Letters and Copy Editor Levi Barnett and incoming News Editor Justin McElroy square off in the Bungee Run.

blckprty26 (1)
a little kebab action with the RBF.

I spent the rest of the evening either backstage (as ACF Alumni) or in the media pit, so here are some selected shots.

blckprty72 (1)
one of the sponsors of the event.

blckprty124 (1)
probably the worst photo ever of Brian Sullivan.

blckprty140 (1)
Becca Coad, getting signed by Torq from Stars

blckprty153 (1)
Mitch Wright, getting signed by Amy from Stars.

blckprty177 (1)
Stars threw flowers into the crowd... I caught someone after they caught one.

blckprty192 (1)
He's making a heart with his fingers.

blckprty207 (1)
Jeff Friedrich, Mike Duncan, and the always lovely Nancy Toogood.

blckprty219 (1)
Anna and Emily from AMS Events.

As always, I've got more photos up here: my Flickr page.

How was your day?