Friday, February 1, 2008

Voter Funded Media results!

Well, here they are at long last!

The Knoll - $1600
UBC Insider - Election Edition - $1500
The Devils advocate - $1400
Cavalier - $900
Let Them Eat Cake - $725
UVote - $600
The Underground - $600
The 432 - $600
Plain title: Awesome Content - $75
The Radical Beer Tribune - $0
Maclean's On Campus - $0

From the VFM administrator Paul Gibson-Tigh:

In the name of transparency, I am passing along the VFM results as they came to me, and then in the interpolated version (both in excel). The results were tricky to interpolate, as they made for a 'case of discontinuity' explained at the bottom of this page ( It was all planned for in advance by Mark. I encourage you to fill in the spreadsheets and see the wonders of interpolated consensus yourselves! I could try to explain the case, but I had to have it explained to me, so keep that in mind.

A total of 249 people voted in the UBC Insiders option (ranging from $0 to $2000) - which was the highest number of votes of any media. There's no real way of knowing how many people voted total - but lets say that 100 people voted, and didn't vote in the UBC-i category, that's still a pretty dire turnout for a contest that's supposed to raise the profile of campus elecitons. The consensus percentile, p, was 61. It seems that (acording to the spreadsheet I'm looking at) the number of votes for each media were not normalized to the total number of voters, but rahter to the maximum number of voters in a particular media (249, in this case). This means that the rule in the VFM code that states that not voting is the same as voting zero wasn't followed (I think, anyway. not sure). You can take a look at the Raw Votes spreadsheet, and the Interpolated Consensus spreadsheet for yourself - see if you can make head or tail of it!!

My major disspointment here is Plain Title: Awesome Content. I think Ian did a great job with the mini-paper. It was the one entry, to me, that actually reached out farther than the insular AMS in-croud, to target everyone else. And he did it with hilarity, opinion, and information. S0 boo-urns to that result. Also the 432 still sucks. Alot.

On a personal note, I just want to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you. It's been a great ride, and that's because of all the readers that have logged on, learned a bit, and maybe commented. The discourse generated here is really the thing that is wonderful to me. Pardon my moment of vanity, but it really is lovely to feel that our little blog is appreciated - so thank you!